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Grown-Up & Me

Workshop Days

or Thursdays


3:30 P.M.
4:30 P.M.

Winter 2024

November 28th February 15th

Early Spring 2024

March 5th
April 17th

Nurture your child’s love of learning while simultaneously preparing them for a smooth and confident transition into school life. 

Grown-Up + Me is the perfect first classroom experience for your little learner. Together,  you will enjoy a variety of learning experiences with your toddler, which will help you gain new insights into their development.

Each week we explore engaging topics through an interdisciplinary lens that focuses on the development of early literacy, math, science, fine-motor, and social skills. 

Participants will leave each session with a hands-on project,  helpful tips, resources, and suggestions for follow-up activities. 

*Caregiver must be present.

Welcome to Our Studio Where We Learn Through Play


We offer a variety of engaging programs for children ages 18 months – 6 years. You can see a list of all our programs, here.

Playful Learning is a method of early childhood education that artfully weaves together play with learning. Through our expertly-curated curriculum and classrooms, students playfully work their way through carefully-planned, interdisciplinary, thematic explorations that meet the needs of the whole child.

From the toddlers who courageously separate for the first time, to the pre-kers who enthusiastically work towards cracking the phonetic code—and every age in between—Playful Learning is here to help children and families thrive through the early childhood years.

BUT, enough from us, you should really come in and see for yourself!

Schedule a tour by signing up for an open house, here.

Great question! Here is our curriculum guide. It’s also fun to peruse our free parenting resources and get a sneak peek into our studio space on our Instagram page.